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Hi My name is Bren Murphy from Earth Digital Pty Ltd.
I began following the handmade space back in 2012, when I went a a succession of markets across New South Wales, interviewing stallholders. My vision was to build a marketplace website with exclusively Australian content.
I wrote articles for a website I was managing. I met dozens of lovely people and shared their stories of success and innovation. I learned so mcuh about the handmade and maker industry from talking with people who were living and breathing it everyday and each weekend.
Fast forward a couple of years and a couple of my other projects really took off and consumed most of my time. I have to admit that findhandmade genuinely took a back seat for a while.
But, in the background I never let the website fade away and knew I would always have a connection to it – and the handmade industry in general.
Now, in 2020, I have the opportunity to re-imagine the site as a Business Listings Directory.
In my experience an authentic business directory, with a manager who has a genuine connection to the industry (me) is a recipe for success.
I’ve built a Facebook Community approaching 4,000 followers, as well as serious worldwide links back to the site.
I’m really proud to be able to offer this opportunity to you – to join Find Handmade and be seen amongst Australia’s handmade community. I can also offer a special 60% discount for the first 50 members who apply before April 30, 2020.

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We’re proud to support Australia’s Hand Made Marketplaces. 
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