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Welcome to our Australian Handmade Directory – We are 100% owned and operated by Australian Directory Group in sunny Merewether, New South Wales.  This website is also hosted in Australia and we’re pretty confident we’re the friendliest, easiest to use directory around.  First things first, I’d like to introduce myself and share exactly why I’m willing to offer you membership to Findhandmade and how it can help you as a handmade artisan.

Back in 2014 I was working alongside some pretty amazing people who were making their own products – like leather goods, pottery, children’s toys and craft beer – and I saw how hard they worked and how connected they were to their products.  I went to the markets all over New South Wales and I interviewed dozens of individual makers – from soy candles to vegan chicken – and listened to what was working for them as well as the challenges they faced.

And pretty soon it became clear that one of the biggest hurdles each maker faced was time – trying to be everything at once – doing marketing, sales and promotion as well as actually producing the goods themselves – and then add travel and scouting new products and maybe even some wholesale or corporate work – it was a lot to take on as an individual.  What immediately clicked for me was that I could offer a way forward in terms of getting the products found more easily in local search – as well as a place for makers to be seen alongside other smaller makers.

Handmade Directory for Australia

Being found online meant that makers would be able to move their existing stock quicker – instead of having zero sales in between market days – they could be selling each and everyday online.  BUT the biggest impediment to this was that each maker had such a micro budget that buying online traffic through Google ads or Facebook just wasn’t feasible.  There had to be a better way.

And that’s where Find Handmade Australian Artisan Directory came into the mix.  I knew that by offering membership to a well curated and strictly monitored directory that local artisans would be able to find a way to cut through the competition online.  Even joining one of the larger “local style” directories can be quite expensive on a month to month basis.  AND – your handmade product is sitting alongside imported and “off-topic” other stuff.  So Findhandmade was born.  Almost.

What I also found was that handmade artisans are notoriously skeptical and basically unwilling to pay much.  So I had to be very realistic when I established a pricepoint for inclusion in the Findhandmade Directory.  And $25 for permanent lifetime membership seemed like the right price – massive value to encourage you to get on board!

You can get in touch with any questions during business hours toll free on 1300 754 388 – or email us at info[at]findhandmade.com.au

What makes Findhandmade.com.au different?

The best thing about our directory is we offer a once off fee – no ongoing costs involved.  Plus, this once off fee (currently only $25) is for a permanent, lifetime listing.

Second, we take the time to manually add your membership details  – including your full logo – into our directory list.  This means your membership looks spot on and presents you or your business in a professional manner.  We welcome blogs, individuals and businesses – whatever your relationship with Australian Handmade – you’re welcome.

We encourage submissions from independent business no matter how small or creative.  Please note we are Findhandmade.com.au for a reason – we ONLY accept Australian memberships.  Its good to know your membership will be amongst local sites.

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Handmade Artisan at work

(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)